Adrian Randall Challenge Prize 2015

The Adrian Randall Challenge Prize 2015 is a £5000 grant for excellence in charity finance.

Adrian Randall was a great financial leader and pivotal founding member of Charity Finance Group. He sadly passed away in 2012. Read more about him, and his work, here.

CFG set out to create a lasting legacy that captured Randall's determination and vision to develop charity finance by inspiring future generations of financial leaders to develop an idea that could transform the charity sector.

    About the prize

    The Adrian Randall Challenge Prize is an award for individuals who have demonstrated excellence in charity finance.

    CFG wants to reward and share examples of good practice in charity finance, to inspire others and facilitate learning. The prize aims to share, encourage and inspire financial leadership in charities.

    We are particularly keen to hear about projects, pieces of work undertaken or ideas which could be replicated in other charities.

    Have you:

    • Responded to changes within your organisation in an innovative way, or established a way of communicating changes that has been particularly effective?
    • Adapted processes or ways of working to meet new challenges?
    • Supported staff to understand developments, or implemented something new to improve finance processes within your organisation?
    • Embedded the finance function at the heart of your organisation’s strategy, by developing processes to improve partnerships with other teams, e.g. fundraising?

    If the answer to any of the above is yes, we’d strongly encourage you to enter.

    You can also enter an idea for a project or piece of work, in this instance we would encourage you to provide details about how you expect the idea to work, and how you would measure its effectiveness.

    Entries do not need to be limited to the above examples – we’re keen to hear about any excellent work happening in charity finance that other charities could benefit from.

    What does the winner receive?

    The winner will receive a grant of £5000 to further develop their work as a charity finance professional.

    The intention is that the winning project or example can be shared with other charities. Consequently, the winner of the grant would need to be able to work with CFG to produce a short briefing, case study, or article outlining their project. Please see our terms and conditions for further information on this.

    The winner will also be given a platform to share their work – options include speaking at one of CFG’s conferences or workshops, and contributing to our popular blog or member magazine, Finance Focus.

    The winner will need to be available for a short interview with judges in the first week of November (exact date to be confirmed shortly, but it is likely to be the morning of Friday 6th November). This interview will take place at CFG’s offices in London N1, but if you are based outside London, we can arrange for you to dial in via Skype or conference call.

    The winner will be announced at CFG’s Annual Dinner on 12th November. If you’re entering, please keep this date free.

    Why enter?

    Winning the Adrian Randall Challenge Prize has benefits beyond the monetary award (a grant of £5000). Some of the other key benefits of winning the prize are:

    • A demonstrable boost to your career development as a leading charity finance employee
    • Raising the profile of your organisation more widely, and positioning your charity as a dynamic, innovative leader with robust financial processes
    • Clear demonstration of the impact of your – and your organisation’s – work
    • Help with funding applications: validates factoring in running costs when applying for funding
    • Positions your organisation as trustworthy, capable and financially confident
    • As part of the grant, CFG will work with you to develop a briefing or publication so other charities can learn from your best practice
    • You will also be given a platform to share your work online via CFG’s conferences, popular blog and website

    Nominations for the 2015 prize are now closed. Check back on our website, and follow CFG on Twitter, for announcements about when the next round of nominations will open.

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