Become a CFG Trustee

You can become a Trustee of CFG by being appointed by the Board, or by being elected by our member charities.

We are able to have up to seven elected Trustees, and up to three appointed Trustees.


10/07/2017 - The nominations period has now closed for the three elected positions in the 2017 Trustee election.

We have submitted the nominated names to the Electoral Reform Services who will contact the primary contact of each member charity via email.

Voting will open on 24th July 2017 and close on 4th September 2017. Voting is by ballot via the internet only. As the membership belongs to the member charity and not to individual staff each organisation gets one vote, but where appropriate please talk to colleagues who participate in CFG before voting.

Elected positions

To apply for an elected position, you must be working in a CFG member charity and nominate yourself as well being proposed by someone else from a CFG member charity to support your application.

After that it’s up to our members to vote for the person they feel fits the role and who they want to represent them at Board level.


Appointed positions

Appointed positions are an opportunity for individuals who are not members of CFG to join our Board.

The process includes completing an application form, and if successfully shortlisted, meeting with our CEO, Caron Bradshaw, and our Chair, Ian Theodoreson, to discuss your interest in the role, and your experience and skills.

If we find the right person, they will then be recommended to the Board for appointment.

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