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Data protection and cyber security is a a major concern fo charities. Mismanaged data can result in serious consequences for charities, with fines of up to £500,000 currently being issues by the Information Commissioner's Office for data breaches.

Charities hold significant amounts of personal data on their systems, which include names, addresses and bank details of their supporters, employees and volunteers, which is why it is more important that ever to ensure that they are complying with the Data Protection Act.

Even though the UK has now voted to leave the EU, the impending European Data Protection Regulation will in 2018 inevitably mark the biggest change to data protection in the UK since 1995. This is because the UK Government will be obliged to implement similar legislation to facilitate business with the EU. Charities will need to ensure that they have the right procedures and systems in place in order to correctly protect the data they hold and avoid potentially crippling fines.

This session will inform attendees of the requirements of the current and future Data Protection legislation, and the controls organisations need to have in place. It will also provide practical examples of how Data Protection in an organisatin actually works, including real life case studies of where and how breaches have occurred for charities. Finally, coverage of the forthcoming European Regulation will highlight its impact on organisation within the UK even when outside the EU, and how best to prepare for the new regulatory regime.

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