• The Role of the Honorary Treasurer

    Author name: Les Jones
    Author organisation: Charity Treasurers Forum
    Publication date: 07/02/2006
    Upload date: 20/04/2011

    This Helpsheet has been produced by the Charity Treasurers Forum to provide an outline of the main duties and responsibilities of the Honorary Treasurer.

  • The Charity Treasurers Forum

    Author name: Les Jones
    Author organisation: Charity Treasurers Forum
    Publication date:
    Upload date: 20/04/2011

    An article, that was originally published in Charity Finance magazine, explaining the background to the creation of the Charity Treasurer’s Forum, its role and activities plus collaboration with other representative sector bodies.

  • Volunteer Policy

    Author name: Not supplied
    Author organisation: OXFAM
    Publication date: 01/01/2010
    Upload date: 14/04/2011

    This is a concise policy statement about volunteers.

  • Policy on Use of Volunteer Staff

    Author name: Not supplied
    Author organisation: Peel Institute
    Publication date: 25/03/2010
    Upload date: 14/04/2011

    This policy defines volunteer, lays out the principles on which the policy is based, and then covers the recruitment and management of volunteers, equal opportunities, termination of the involvement of the volunteer, discipline and grievance, expenses, insurance, training and involvement, and monitoring and review of the policy.

  • Risk Toolkit: How to Take Care of Risk in Volunteering

    Author name: Katharine Gaskin
    Author organisation: Volunteering England
    Publication date: 28/06/2007
    Upload date: 06/06/2011

    This guide is about risk management. Risk management in relation to volunteers. When we researched organisations that involve volunteers, a third said they found the language and terminology of risk management baffling and 98 per cent were interested in a good practice guide.

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