• Developing A Strategy for Sustainable Fundraising

    Author name: Suresh Lalvani
    Author organisation: International Humanist Trust
    Publication date: 05/06/2006
    Upload date: 14/04/2011

    An explanation of why successful fundraising is not just about raising money.

  • Getting The Price Right

    Author name: Shirley Scott
    Author organisation: CFDG
    Publication date: 23/06/2005
    Upload date: 19/04/2011

    This document is a copy of the CFDG presentation on Full Cost Recovery given at the ACEVO Funding Roadshows 2005.

  • Donor Relationship Management

    Author name: Graham Binns
    Author organisation: Atos Origin
    Publication date: 01/12/2006
    Upload date: 14/04/2011

    UK not-for-profit organisations face an increasing series of challenges related to their fund-raising activities.

  • Personal allowances and Gift Aid contributions

    Author name: Anonymous
    Author organisation: Farrer and Co
    Publication date: 18/12/2009
    Upload date: 20/04/2011

    Explains changes to Income Tax and personal allowance announced as part of the 2009 UK Budget. Gives examples of changes to allowances for high net-worth individuals.

  • Fundraising Partnerships and Sponsorships

    Author name: Pesh Framjee
    Author organisation: Deloitte
    Publication date: 31/03/2007
    Upload date: 15/04/2011

    Many fundraising organisations are now targeting corporate donors who expect to get some form of publicity in return for their “donation”.

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