Inspiring Financial Leadership - 2020/21


Wednesday 14 October 2020

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At CFG we believe all charity finance professionals are leaders, no matter where you are in your career. The role of the finance function is as vital as ever as we face the challenges in the sector.

Now in its ninth year, our flagship Inspiring Financial Leadership (IFL) course is back for 2020. This leadership course is a turning point for finance professionals in their career; supporting you to rethink the traditional role of finance, empower you with tools and knowledge and learn from the latest thinking, so you can take the next significant step on your leadership journey.

About IFL

Inspiring Financial Leadership (IFL) is a dynamic, interactive series of online seminars run in association with Charity Finance Group, The Centre for Charity Effectiveness and Sayer Vincent. The course combines the latest leadership models with practical advice and support through interactive sessions, discussions and individual coaching.

Centred on the role of the charity finance professional, drawing on robust leadership research and grounded in the challenges that finance professionals face, this course is highly interactive using a mix of practical experience, research and best practice. Attendees gain the skills and expertise to take them to the next stage of their leadership journey.

The course

Full session details and speakers announcements coming soon.

The sessions will run from 08:30 - 11.00. We will send the link for each session the week prior.

Module 1: Leadership from the finance function - Wednesday 14 October 2020

Module 2: Coaching for empowerment - Tuesday 3 November 2020

Module 3: Vision and culture - Tuesday 8 December 2020

Module 4: Leading change - Wednesday 20 January 2021

Module 5: Communication - Tuesday 23 February 2021

Module 6: Motivating self and others - Thursday 18 March 2021

Module 7: Wellbeing and resilience - Thursday 22 April 2021

Module 8: Leading and influencing high performing teams - Tuesday 18 May 2021

What our delegates said

“I think the Inspiring Financial Leadership course is one of the best courses, if not the best course, I’ve ever done. It changed my life and the outlook for The Varkey Foundation who I was working for at the time immeasurably.” Pete Knight, Finance Director, Mercy Ships UK.

“As finance professionals we absolutely need to focus on building up strong controls and processes but we have huge potential beyond this in shaping, influencing and implementing strategy at the highest levels. IFL has been a wonderful journey.” Sarah Noak, Director of Finance, Lessons for Life Foundation.

“Joining the Inspiring Financial Leadership programme helped me decide what sort of leader I wanted to be – and gave me the tools I needed to achieve it. I’m excited to use what I’ve learned to help my organisation to grow.” Clare Jenkins, Director of Finance and IT, SOS Children’s Villages UK.

Bursary scheme

CFG is pleased to once again offer a bursary scheme this year. We have a bursary available for under-represented groups. Applications for the bursary scheme are now closed.

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Judith Miller, Partner & IFL Course Director, Sayer Vincent

Judith became a partner at Sayer Vincent in 2006. Before joining the firm, she trained as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG, working for them in the UK and in Germany. She is a Fellow of the ICAEW and holds a Diploma in Charity Accounting. Sayer Vincent works exclusively with registered charities and other social purpose organisations.


As well as handling a portfolio of charity audit clients (internal and external), Judith leads reviews of governance, organisational and team structures, which includes the efficiency and effectiveness of support functions. Judith's work reflects our emphasis on the "people factors". She aims to bring complex technical matters to life, making them easily accessible. Judith is an experienced trainer and facilitator and designs bespoke development days, as well as speaking at conferences and leading seminars.


Judith has been a trustee for over 15 years. Here appointments included sitting on the board of a  corporate foundation and a charity which provided care to people with learning disabilities. She is currently a trustee and treasurer of a sector infrastructure body.

Becca Bunce

Steve Harris

Simon Hopkins, Blind Veterans UK

Nicki Deeson, Leadership Coach & Business Mentor

Kate Lee, Chief Executive, Alzheimer's Society

Adeela Warley, CharityComms

Joyce Materego, SignHealth

Caron Bradshaw, Chief Executive, Charity Finance Group

Module 1

Leadership from the finance function

This session focuses on the principles and behavioural attributes associated with inspiring financial leadership, and goes beyond the traditional functional role of a finance leader. What are the particular challenges in moving the finance function to a key decision maker and business partner in an organisation, and how can you overcome them?

Insight speaker: Simon Hopkins, Blind Veterans UK

Module 2

Coaching for empowerment

What are the skills you need to develop staff in the finance team to act as agents for powerful, collaborative and innovative change, with the ability to question and consider the shifting environment? We will draw distinctions between coaching and mentoring and introduce a simple and powerful model that will equip you to encourage empowerment of individuals in your organisation.

Insight Speaker: Nicki Deeson, Independent Leadership Coach &
Business Mentor

Module 3

Vision and culture

Finance leaders can play a vital role in contributing to the organisation’s vision and culture by creating a sustainable financial framework to deliver the charity’s vision and purpose. We will talk about how the finance function can influence the direction of travel and of how finance uses its tools and techniques to successfully implement strategy as well as contributing to building the organisational culture inculcating one of learning rather than of blame. We’ll explore how you can evolve as an organisational leader and engage your colleagues beyond finance.

Insight Speaker: Kate Lee, Alzheimer's Society

Module 4

Leading change

The role of Finance Leaders in change is key. This session will focus on the range of possible responses to change and discuss practical tools for building trusting relationships, in order to develop the capacity and capability within the organisation to meet its strategic objectives and purpose.

Becca Bunce

Module 5


Working with colleagues across the organisation is a key part of the finance leader’s role. Presenting technical information to non-experts in a way that can guide their decision making and fully engage them with the process of business development is essential. We will consider a range of communication skills and explore how to use them with internal and external stakeholders and create action plans to build more fruitful relationships.

Insight Speaker: Adeela Warley, CharityComms

Module 6

Motivating self and others

This session explores how to frame our own thinking into a positive mode and to be aware of and able to consider the impact of assumptions on our behaviours. We will consider some of our own personal ‘drivers’ in terms of motivation and ways to offer motivational ‘strokes’ in our interactions with colleagues at work. The session will be a mix of raising personal awareness and practical ways to apply this to developing our relationships with others

Steve Harris

Module 7

Wellbeing and resilience

Balancing the competing demands and pressures of your responsibilities, stakeholder relationships and team is a real challenge for finance leaders. Being well is crucial for more than one reason – for you as an individual; in order to be an authentic advocate for wellbeing in the workplace; and, so you can empower your team in a healthy way, with positive energy and ethos. This session will explore the steps you can take to manage your own health, as well as how you can support your teams.

Insight Speaker: Joyce Materego, SignHealth

Module 8

Leading and influencing high performing teams

The final module will share best practice in leading a high performing team, look at the stages of team development and help participants assess where they are at currently. We will explore the importance of being a constructive team member of an organisational Leadership team and consider the relationship with Trustees drawing on real case study material. We will also explore how to manage and influence upwards.

Insight speaker: Caron Bradshaw, Charity Finance Group

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