Gift Aid Awareness Day

Gift Aid is a tax relief that generates over £1.3bn in additional income for the UK charity sector each year, yet, a staggering £560m still goes unclaimed each year. 

Thursday 4 October is Gift Aid Awareness Day, our campaign to reduce the amount of unclaimed and misclaimed funds. We aim to simplify the Gift Aid process for volunteers and donors, encouraging those who kindly donate, to #tickthebox and help ensure that every pound goes as far as possible for charities all over the UK.

Robert Jenrick MP shares why #tickthebox makes a difference:



By providing tools and resources for finance teams and expert advice, we're hoping that you'll use the day to spread the word to your co-workers, volunteers, donors, friends and families to raise awareness of Gift Aid.

Spread the word to your donors and get them to #tickthebox by downloading our Gift Aid Awareness Day communications toolkit, which includes:

  • HMRC’s Gift Aid declaration forms for you to ensure that you have all the information you need from donors to claim.
  • infographics and logos for you to share on your social and other communication channels using the hashtag #tickthebox
  • Pre-written tweets to add your voice to the conversation!. 
  • An FAQ sheet for volunteers and donors aims to simplify the process and explain how Gift Aid works. 

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