Special Interest Groups

As a member of CFG, you are invited to join our Special Interest Groups. These smaller groups give members the opportunity to share knowledge and ideas with other charities with a similar profile and remit, both online and offline

Like CFG’s members’ meetings, special interest group meetings include presentations from expert speakers relevant to the group’s profile. There are also email groups and LinkedIn groups and periodical webinars and conferences, so if you aren’t able to be there in person, you can join meetings online.

To ensure that the special interest groups offer maximum value and relevance, we will ask you to give us some details about your organisation. If you meet the criteria – you’ll be warmly welcomed to the group by one of the members!

Finance in Grantmaking special interest group

The Finance in Grantmaking special interest group, or FIGSIG for short, is a partnership between Charity Finance Group (CFG) and the Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF).

Both CFG and ACF noticed increasing demand from members for tailored services and support, so this group draws on the expertise of both organisations. The aim of the group is to promote co-operation and the exchange of ideas between individuals in grant-making organisations to help them make the most of their resources; resolve problems; avoid duplication; develop finance skills and improve performance.

FIGSIG is designed for people who are responsible for financial management in trusts, foundations or grant-making charities of all sizes. Meetings are held throughout the year to discuss topical issues and provide networking opportunities for members.  We strongly recommend that the whole finance team attend meetings if possible, as the discussions are relevant to all.

The next FIGSIG meeting is on 20 November 2019 find out more and book.

To request to join CFG’s Finance in Grantmaking special interest group, please email: membership@cfg.org.uk


Large Charities special interest group

Previously known as the Charities Consortium, the Large Charities special interest group (LCSIG) was set up in 2008 to address the challenges that are common for charities with an annual income of £25m+.

Membership of the group is automatic for qualifying charities that join CFG or renew their membership, and news of events and other group communications are sent to the primary contact.

The purpose of the group is to promote general co-operation and exchange of ideas between members, so that they can make the most of their resources and learn from others.

In addition to an active email forum and LinkedIn group, LCSIG meets at least four times a year, has its own Large Charities conference and members are invited to the annual Large Charities dinner, an informal social event featuring a presentation from an inspirational speaker.

To find out more about CFG’s Large Charities special interest group, please email membership@cfg.org.uk

Overseas special interest group

Open to all international charities headquartered in the UK.

Our Overseas special interest group (OSSIG) is run in collaboration with Humentum, a global membership association offering training, convening, and support in compliance, financial management, program management, and HR & Learning.

The group explores financial issues that are specific to people working in charities with overseas operations. It provides the opportunity for less experienced charities to learn from those with more experience in relevant areas. In addition, charities can identify and share best practice approaches to common difficulties and act together on any areas of shared interest.

Its meetings, held in London up to four times a year, include case studies from finance teams working in the field, presentations from sector specialists, breakout group discussions and opportunities to network.

The next OSSIG meeting will be held on 5 March, find out more.

As well as its regular meetings, OSSIG has a LinkedIn group.

To request to join the group, please email: membership@cfg.org.uk

We're now recruiting steering committee members for OSSIG, interested?

Steering Committee

OSSIG terms of reference

Community Accounting special interest group

Community accountancy services are not-for-profit organisations that support local voluntary and community organisations to manage their finances. Their services include payroll, bookkeeping, preparing annual accounts and reports and financial planning.

The Community Accounting special interest group, or CASIG for short, is a dynamic group of community accountants from across the UK, with its own advisory panel, LinkedIn group, online resources and a combined annual dinner and conference

CASIG was established in 2014 when the Community Accounting National Network, which represented community accountancy services across the country on matters of best practice, guidance, policy and research, became part of CFG. Membership is open to CFG members who provide community accounting services.

To find out more about CFG’s Community Accounting special interest group, please email membership@cfg.org.uk

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AIM special interest group

The Association of Independent Museums bring together a vibrant community of museums, galleries and heritage organisations at local and national level. These organisations share the challenges of the charity sector in their diversity, creativity, dedication and social purpose. CFG’s collaboration with AIM means members can register for CFG membership for free for the duration of the partnership, and be able to join this dedicated finance group.

The purpose of this group is for AIM members to connect with their finance peers from across the UK, take a deep dive into the unique finance themes affecting the arts and heritage sector, and share experiences, challenges, and approaches.

If you are an AIM member registered with CFG, email membership@cfg.org.uk to join the AIM SIG. If you would like register for CFG membership for free through your AIM membership, go to cfg.org.uk/aim