VAT Conference Bristol

Tax and VAT

Tuesday 25 September 2018

RSM Bristol
Hartwell House
55-61 Victoria Street
Bristol BS1 6AD

Charities are subject to VAT just like any other organisation. However, unlike other organisations, many charities undertake activities that are either exempt from VAT or outside the scope of VAT, which means that they cannot reclaim VAT costs on purchases. There are a number of exemptions that may be available if your organisation meets certain conditions. VAT knowledge and planning is crucial to minimising irrecoverable VAT and budgeting for remaining amounts that can't be recovered.

For many charities, raising income through trading activities has become an increasingly important source of revenue. However, there are certain restrictions that can apply and charities may still be liable for tax depending on the nature and level of activity.

This conference will begin with current issues around charity VAT and trading, and will continue with topics such as fundraising and zero-rated activities, partial exemptions and recovery, using a trading subsidiary, as well as the latest VAT updates and developments.


Scott Harwood, Tax Director VAT, RSM

Alison Hone, Charity VAT Partner, Saffery Champness

Liz Maher, VAT Director, Centurion VAT


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Delegates will be asked to discuss challenges they are facing.


VAT update and latest developments

How will the most recent changes affect you and your charity? In this session we will discuss the case law and policy changes to VAT and what you should be doing to prepare for them.

Scott Harwood, Tax Director, RSM




Break for refreshments


Fundraising and zero rated activities, and partial exemptions and recovery

Generally, fundraising and charitable activities are exempt from VAT, however there are areas where VAT is chargeable, or there are implications of recovery which need to be planned for. This session will cover the VAT treatment of fundraising events, other sources of fundraising and zero-rated activities such as publications. Also, this session will offer a practical advice on tax planning to ensure you are getting the most out of available reliefs and exemptions.

Alison Hone, Charity VAT Partner, Saffery Champness






Irrecoverable VAT and using a trading subsidiary

Reducing the incidences of irrecoverable VAT is a key component of any pragmatic financial plan. This session will not only look what is and isn’t possible to reduce your VAT burden but will also include a look at trading subsidiaries, when to use them, how to finance the trading subsidiary and shedding profits.

Liz Maher, VAT Director, Centurion VAT




Grants and contracts

With the agreements between funders and charities becoming increasingly complex it is important to know what type of income your organisation receives. In this session we will discuss the differences and what steps you can take to limit your VAT liabilities.   




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Individual - Members£119.00
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