Our commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion

CFG have, for a long time, been committed to ensuring diversity, equality and inclusion across our staff team, trustee board and membership. We have worked on this often behind the scenes and have not always either highlighted what we’re doing or given it sufficient priority. That must change. We have not always got it right and we consider CFG a work in progress.

Recent events, and the Black Lives Matter movement, have highlighted the importance of being more explicit in our commitment, deepening our efforts across the board and publishing the actions we need to take so that our stakeholders can challenge us to do more and hold us to account on the commitments we make. It is not enough to not be racist; we must be actively anti-racist.

This focus on race equality also provides a prompt to think about diversity, equality and inclusion for all groups facing disadvantage and prejudice. We commit to do so and to turn these awful, shocking and outrageous events into a positive catalyst for change.

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