Our Purpose

At CFG, our vision is to inspire a financially confident, dynamic and trustworthy sector. Everything we do is led by our goal to enable charities to deliver more impact to their causes.

It’s our mission to put finance at the heart of social organisations, making each charity’s money work harder and achieve the maximum positive outcome for their beneficiaries. 

Our members include over 1,400 charities, social change and public benefit organisations, all working hard to improve the lives and outcomes for their beneficiaries – often on a tight budget. 

Through improving their financial management, governance and leadership, we can help these organisations deliver their charitable objectives from all the resources available to them.

“We recognise that financially confident organisations are more effective at driving social change. When finance is at the heart of decision making, and managed well, it has the power to transform organisations and amplify their impact”Caron Bradshaw, CFG Chief Executive

We work closely with finance professionals and those in governance roles, but we believe better financial management also benefits a much broader audience. This is reflected through our wide-ranging work with non-finance professionals, members of the public, government, corporates, foundations, regulators and many more. 

We strive to develop finance skills in all leaders – whatever their discipline – and help to build leadership qualities across the whole sector, truly putting finance at the heart of informed decision making.

Charities and social change organisations turn to our membership resources, helplines and publications for essential financial know-how, and our extensive programme of events and training; brings finance skills to all leaders, whatever their discipline.

We are keen to work with all charity professionals, no matter what stage of their professional career they may be at. Those at entry level can benefit from the many opportunities to grow their network and improve their skills, while the more experienced can lend their expertise and pass on their hard-earned knowledge.

We’d like to see a sector that embraces the knowledge and wisdom of all professionals and recognises the value that volunteers can bring. As an associate (or affiliate), members can stay connected and continue supporting the sector, through the wealth of experience they bring to the CFG community. 

  • Providing timely, relevant and high-quality products and services to all appropriate audiences
  • Building credibility of voice and influencing thinking so that effective financial management is valued and invested in
  • Working to remove barriers to effective financial management
  • Shaping a more supportive environment for charities to operate in, through influencing policy and public affairs and engaging effectively with the sector 
  • Reaching out beyond the realms of finance itself to bring about effective governance and leadership with finance at the heart of informed decision making
  • Leading by example - ‘walking the walk’ not just ‘talking the talk’, running our own charity with creativity and dynamism, and focusing on improved outcomes for our beneficiaries.