Sep 5 2014
Governance regulation and compliance

What happened to the red tape cull?

Caron Bradshaw Once upon a time, an energetic new government was elected. It proclaimed a new age of a smaller state and a bigger society. A world in which civil ...

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Aug 27 2014
Governance regulation and compliance Leadership

Trustees' Week- find out how you can get involved

With the launch of #onemilliontrustees video competition; Trustees’ Week 2014 (taking place on 10-16 November), is firmly on our radar. 

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Aug 7 2014

Inspiring financial leadership

By Mike Saxton - Head of Finance Africa Governance Initiative When people in our organisations think about the finance team, inspiring and leadership aren’t necessarily the first words that come to mind. ...

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Aug 6 2014
Pensions and HR

Tackling the looming pensions crisis

Charity Commission Chair William Shawcross recently said that the “deadliest threat” to the sector comes from Islamic extremism. I, however, disagree. I would suggest that the biggest threat the sector faces comes from pensions.

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Jul 24 2014
Accounting and reporting Charity finance policy Governance regulation and compliance

Are charities losing their voice?

The campaigning role of charities has stayed firmly in the public spotlight for the last twelve months and appears to be gaining traction as we head towards the General Election.

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