Annual Conference 2018

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Wednesday 23 May 2018

The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
Broad Sanctuary

CFG’s Annual Conference is the must-attend charity finance event of the year. Bringing together leaders of the UK charity sector, five streams of technical, practical and inspirational sessions, the Conference is the perfect opportunity to network with peers and sector experts.

We’re thrilled to welcome Lynne Berry as our keynote speaker. Lynne has worked with, and held governance roles at many organisations including Breast Cancer Now, Commission on the Voluntary Sector and Ageing, Canal and River Trust, Charity Commission and more. Lynne will discuss leadership and developing a culture of change, something which many charities are going through at present.

This year we’re focusing on personal and team development, with a number of sessions giving you practical tips on how you can empower the finance function to be the most effective and efficient it can possibly be. We will also explore financial plans that drive strategy, as well as diversity, impact, leadership, tax and of course GDPR.

There will be a large exhibition alongside the programme – over 50 exhibitors working in a wide range of service areas will be available for you to meet and ask questions.

Who should attend?

Finance Directors, CEOs, Treasurers, Finance Managers, Senior Accountants, Directors, Charity Consultants and Trustees.


Nicki Deeson, Chair, Charity Finance Group

Caron Bradshaw, CEO, Charity Finance Group

Lynne Berry

Cara Turtington, Partner, Saffery Champness

Joyce Materego, Child Poverty Action Group

Helen Elliott,, Partner, Sayer Vincent

Richard Evans, Partner, Crowe Clark Whitehill

Mark Burnett, GDPR Specialist, Kingston Smith

Paul Thomas, Senior Manager, Grant Thornton

Zoe Amar, Zoe Amar Communications

Eliot Glover,, Director of Learning and Development, Buzzacott LLP

Anna Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Birmingham Royal Ballet

Julie Hutchison, Charities Specialist, Standard Life Wealth,

Kate Rogers, Head of Policy and Co-Manager, Cazenove Charities

Neville White, Head of SRI, EdenTree

Carla Whalen, Associate, Russell Cooke

Rod Willis, Assentire

Belina Raffy,, CEO, Maffick

David Harland, Executive Director, The Eden Project

Pascale Nicholls, Head of Central Finance, Amnesty International Limited

Naziar Hashemi, Partner & Head of Non Profits, Crowe Clark Whitehill

Pesh Framjee,, Global Head of Non Profits, Crowe Clark Whitehill

Kevin O’Brien,, Director of Finance and Corporate Resources, Clic Sargent

Ruth Marvel, Girlguiding, Deputy CEO

Angela Lockwood, Group Chief Executive, NorthStar Housing

Heather Dunlop,, Prostate Cancer UK, Head of Financial Accounting and Governance

Fiona Condron, Partner, BDO LLP

Suzanne O’Brien, Trustee, CXK

8:15 - 9:15

Registration and refreshments

9:15 - 10:00

Chair's Welcome and Opening Plenary

Chair’s welcome – Nicki Deeson, Chair, Charity Finance Group
Introduction by Caron Bradshaw, CEO, Charity Finance Group
Opening Plenary – Leadership and developing a culture of change – Lynne Berry,
Chaired by Carol Rudge, Grant Thornton

10:00 - 10:10

Move to required session

10.10 - 10.55


1A – Empowering the finance team
Cara Turtington, Saffery Champness & Charity Client

Financial management
1B – 7 levels of revenue
Joyce Materego, Child Poverty Action Group

1C – Tax update
Helen Elliott, Sayer Vincent

1DGDPR: Troubleshooting
Richard Evans, Crowe Clark Whitehill,
Mark Burnett, Kingston Smith

Innovative leadership
1E – Digital leadership
Paul Thomas, Grant Thornton & Zoe Amar





10.55 - 11.25

Break for refreshments

11:25 - 12:10


2A – Delivering difficult messages
Eliot Glover, Buzzacott LLP

Financial Management
2B – Creating a financial plan that drives your strategy forward
Anna Williams, Birmingham Royal Ballet

2C – The value of changing investment managers
Julie Hutchison, Standard Life Wealth,
Kate Rogers, Cazenove Charities 
Neville White, EdenTree

2D – Diversity in the workplace
Carla Whalen, Russell Cooke

Innovative leadership
2E – Developing an agile approach to team management
Rod Willis, Assentire


12:10 - 12:20

Move to lunchtime plenary

12:20 - 13:00

Lunchtime Q&A Plenary – Tracey Crouch MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Sport and Civil Society

13:00 - 14:00


14:00 - 14:45


3A cont. WORKSHOP – Growing your vision to create a more vibrant charity
Belina Raffy, Maffick & David Harland, The Eden Project

Financial Management
3B – Managing supplier relationships to increase your bottom line
Pascale Nicholls, Amnesty International Limited

3C – The challenges of using benchmarking information
Naziar Hashemi & Pesh Framjee, Crowe Clark Whitehill

3D – Effective working between the FD and the Finance and Audit Committee
Kevin O'Brien, Clic Sargent

Innovative Leadership
3E – Embedding innovation in your organisation
Ruth Marvel, Girlguiding

14:55 - 15:40


3A cont. WORKSHOP – Growing your vision to create a more vibrant charity
Belina Raffy, Maffick & David Harland, The Eden Project

Financial Management
4B – Designing a good chart of accounts
Heather Dunlop, Prostate Cancer UK

4C – Impact made easy – how any organisation can evidence its social value
Fiona Condron, BDO & Stephen Elsden, Compaid

4D – Understanding the business
Suzanne O'Brien, Trustee, CXK

Innovative Leadership
4E – Shared leadership
Angela Lockwood, North Star

14:45 - 14:55

Move between sessions

15:40 - 16:10

Break for refreshments

16:10 - 16:50

Closing plenary - Could our charities become more effective by creating happy workplaces?

Henry Stewart, Chief Happiness Officer, Happy

16:50 - 17:00

Closing remarks by the chair

17:00 - 18:30

Drinks reception

Charities - Members£259.00
Charities - Non-members£311.00
Corporate - Members£499.00
Corporate - Non-members£699.00
Individual - Members£259.00
Individual - Non-members£311.00
All Prices Inc. VAT