Impact and Productivity

IT and data Leadership

Monday 4 June 2018

Crowe Clark Whitehill
St Bride's House
10 Salisbury Square

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Charities are expected to produce better outcomes despite diminishing resources. Historically, charities aimed to maximise their impact through efficiency, but is there now an argument for a shift towards productivity? 

CEOs and trustees turn to finance teams to understand how well their charity is running, and to ensure their purpose is being both delivered and demonstrated. 

Impact and productivity is a one-day conference which focuses on how to measure andevaluate the impact of your charity’s work, and how this information can be used to improve what you do. Beyond evaluating your current impact, we will explore how a move towards productivity, and how to engage your employees with this approach.

Who should attend?

Charity trustees and staff, especially those with responsibility for strategic and financial leadership and management, during times of change.


Naziar Hashemi, Partner, Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP

Peter Vermeulen, CFO, The National Trust

Lindsey MacDonald, Director of Strategy and Impact, Street League

Renuka Fernando, Cabinet Office


Registration, refreshments and networking


Chair’s welcome

Naziar Hashemi, Partner, Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP


Productivity v efficiency

Charities are expected to make good use of the money they receive with increasing public interest in how efficiently funds are allocated. Could charities create greater impact by focusing on productivity instead? This session will show a focus on how productivity can deliver greater impact for your charity.

Peter Vermeulen, CFO, The National Trust


Linking impact to outcomes

A clear understanding of your charity’s impact provides a good basis for evaluating your achievements and identifying areas that are working or could improve. In this session, find out how you can use this data to improve your charity in practice.

Lindsey MacDonald, Director of Strategy and Impact, Street League




Beyond the numbers

How can you position your purpose at the core of your impact report? It is important to ensure that your report reflects the evidence of your impact, without losing the essence of what you have achieved.

In this session you will hear some tips on how you can achieve this, using real-life examples.

Naziar Hashemi, Partner, Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP


Embedding a culture of productivity

Creating an environment which values productivity requires a shift in the way staff approach their roles, and a different way of thinking when it comes to performance. This session shows what you need to consider, and the steps towards adopting this new approach.

Renuka Fernando, Cabinet Office


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