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If you want to get your services across to our audience why not advertise with us we have several packages for you to choose from.

Our fortnightly newsletter includes an update on issues relevant to our charity members and can feature up to two pieces of sponsored content from corporates. It has a readership of almost 2000 CFG charity members and over 1000 non-members as well as an additional 200+ corporate members. You can get a slot in our fortnightly newsletter that either directs traffic to content on your website or to a separate blog post hosted by CFG.

The click-through and open rates are as below:






Jan 2020



3203 subscribers

Feb 2020



3286 subscribers

March 2020



3271 subscribers

April 2020



3253 subscribers

Average rates (Oct-Dec 2019)





Corporate Member Pricing: £800 plus VAT

Non-corporate member Pricing: £1000 plus VAT

Tell us what you want to promote and we'll be in touch 


This option lets you leverage the digital edition of our monthly Finance Focus magazine by distributing pieces of research/reports and content that you have created. Our Finance Focus magazine is sent digitally to over 2000 contacts in our mailing list via email bulletin. Following recent qualitative research done on our members, we found that our Finance Focus magazine was one of the most highly regarded of our outputs. The large majority of members stated that they find the magazine interesting and informative, and the concise nature of the content is appreciated and drives engagement. Adding a link to your research will allow you to tap into our membership base. There will be the possibility to embed a tracked link into the email, and there will also be a brief foreword written by CFG about the content. This could be particularly effective if you are looking to commission research this year, and could fall within your annual marketing spend.

Member Pricing: £2,000 plus VAT

Non-member Pricing: £3,500 plus VAT

Tell us what you want to promote and we'll be in touch