Advertising Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for adverts on CFG’s website (

1. The agreement is between the partner company listed above and CFDG Trading Limited (Company Number 0681064), Trading as Charity Finance Group, Registered Charity No: 1054914, a Company Limited by Guarantee, whose registered office is 15-18 White Lion Street, London, N1 9PG (hereafter referred to as CFG).

2. The partner company agrees to pay the above listed fees to CFG, in return for the agreed ad space.

3. CFG will invoice the partner company on receipt of the booking form and payment is due within 30 days unless otherwise agreed with CFG.

4. CFG acknowledges and confirms that unless explicitly written in this agreement, the partner company will not be liable for any additional cost other than the advert fee.

5. The partner company is restricted to one advert per booking.

6. Bookings are only available in two-week blocks. Four-weekly advert bookings must be used in consecutive two-week blocks.

7. At the end of the booking slot, the advert will no longer be live on the CFG website. Adverts will be kept by CFG for no longer than 12 months and will be archived.

8. The agreed amounts are non-refundable, except where CFG terminates the agreement in exceptional circumstances.

9. Adverts must be submitted to CFG ten working days before the start of the advertising period. The partner company is responsible for supplying all agreed content, in the specified format, by the agreed date of submission. CFG does not take any responsibility, nor will issue refunds, if content is not submitted within that timeframe and in the specified format, except in exceptional circumstances.

10. CFG does not guarantee or provide any specific click-through rates, performance data, or further analytics.

11. CFG retains editorial license before publication of adverts and has the right to refuse adverts that compete directly with our own services and products, or in our opinion are not in the best interests of our membership and/or sector. We will also refuse adverts that do not meet regulatory standards or our quality criteria. We will always work with you to help you make the most of CFG media and our promotional opportunities.

12. This agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties in relation to the subject matter of this agreement and supersedes any previous agreement, whether written or oral, between the parties in relation to that subject matter.

13. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, and will be accessible and updated on the CFG website.


To discuss advertising opportunities with CFG, please email our Corporate Partnerships Team.