Mentoring Scheme

All CFG members can join the CFG Peer Mentoring scheme as a free member benefit.


What is the CFG mentoring scheme?

Peer Mentoring gives participants the opportunity to benefit from being both a mentor and a mentee through this programme - to fully unlock your potential and reach your goals, as well as develop the mentoring skills that are so crucial to being a successful leader.

Our vision is to develop and empower individuals, promote a dynamic sector, diversify leadership and maximise effectiveness and impact at all levels of an organisation.

What value does the mentoring scheme add?

For mentees, the scheme offers the avenue to learn from a mentor that you would otherwise have no connection with. This gives mentees a safe place outside of their work structure to share ideas, learn and gives them a partner to confide in.

For mentors, this is the perfect opportunity to enhance your leadership skills. Mentors will be assisted through a CFG training course and will be added to the prestigious CFG Mentor Network. In addition, mentors will be able to attend a quarterly “Mentoring Motivation” webinar in order to practice and enhance their leadership skills with others in the network.

How do I join the mentoring scheme?

In order to register interest, please email our membership team and they will guide you through the process.

Interested mentors will need to commit to three 90-minute webinars which occur over 3 weeks as well as the time that is agreed with your mentoring partner following on from the process. This will give mentors the skills needed to coach their prospective mentees before being paired up.

Participants can then attend a structured CFG event in order to match up prospective partners and build the initial bridges in the mentoring scheme.

We also host regular Mentoring Motivation sessions through the year to help keep the partnerships flowing for the best of all parties.

Does it work?

This programme has been developed with Nicki Deeson, a leadership coach and executive mentor, in order to best benefit our members.


“I was only interested in being mentored and did not feel I had the ability to mentor… [by] the end of the first session I had completely changed my view and was overwhelmed and excited by the impact the first session had on me.”Lisa Dolor, SignPosts
“This regular session with my peer mentor is hugely beneficial for me. It gives me an opportunity to step back, look outside of all the work I am delivering to focus on what issues I have going on, what my blockers are and think about how and where I can improve.”Cassandra Woolford, Open Foundation