Our collective knowledge and experience is what makes CFG the place to go when you’re looking for insights, updates and inspiration. And by sharing your expertise and experience, you can support others too. 

Our collective knowledge and experience makes CFG the place to go when you’re looking for insights, updates and inspiration.

Our leading sector experts regularly contribute to our Knowledge Hub where you can tap into the latest thinking and technical information. Topic areas covered include:

  • accounting
  • reporting
  • risk
  • tax
  • pensions
  • leadership
  • governance

and much more!

As a member, you will receive regular updates, expert briefings, news bulletins and more – keeping you in the loop and in the know!

“I have been a member of CFG for a few years and it is invaluable to me. Working for a small charity in the north west of England, CFG has enabled me to connect to other professionals across the country”

If you’ve ever been stuck for the right advice or had a burning question you just can’t answer, you’ll know what a relief it is to have trusted, expert partners on-hand.

Our helplines currently include:

  • accounting and tax
  • HR and employment law
  • Managing financial difficulties
  • Legal general advice
  • Pensions
  • Property
  • Recruitment

CFG’s helplines are provided free of charge to all CFG members by our trusted corporate partners. It’s good to know that confidential advice is just a phone call or email away!

Click here for the contacts details of our helplines

If you’re a member you’ll be sent our exclusive weekly email roundup of charity finance jobs so you’ll never miss out on the latest opportunities within some of the UK’s most inspiring charities.

And, if you’re looking to fill a vacancy, our partnership with Third Sector gives our members a head start. CFG members can save up to £1500 on recruitment costs. We want to support our members in as many ways possible, and what better than filling that role in your organisation with the right person

or finding the next step in your career.