HSBC UK Bank Plc

Contact: Leo Jones

71 Queen Victoria Street

Founded in 1865 to finance trade between Asia and the West, today HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations serving more than 37 million customers worldwide. In the UK, we support over 1 million businesses from small enterprises focused primarily on the domestic market through to global corporates. 
Our ambition is to make banking simple, safe and sustainable and are very proud that we have been recognised by Euromoney as the No 1 Global Cash Manager for Corporates for six years in a row and are recognised as the No 1 Domestic Cash Manager in the UK. 
At HSBC, we understand that in times of change it can be difficult to predict the challenges of the future and manage the risks associated with an ever changing social, political and regulatory climate.

We are very proud to provide banking services to over 35,000 charities from the very largest charities to the very smallest local community organisations, We are a committed banking partner to the Sector to ensure charities can continue to play a vital role in society, whilst we help them to safeguard their organisation and continue to flourish.  We continue to actively engage with the UK Charity Commission and other Government departments to shape the way policy is written and applied and make risk management easier and more effective at all levels.

We are keen to build relationships with larger organisations across a variety of sub-sectors with more complex needs to provide access to tailored advice and solutions to provide access to a  full range of services from treasury management and investment solutions to employee cards and debt finance solutions.



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