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CFG’s IT Conference 2013

CFG’s IT Conference 2013 was held at Inmarsat in Old Street on 21st March. .

Topics covered included: The Cloud, Outsourcing, Cyber-risk, CRM initiatives and Working Remotely.

139 delegates networked with exhibitors on 15 stands including Eduserv and ThankQ. Professor Nigel Shadbolt, from the University of Southampton, gave the Opening Plenary on the challenges of Open Data – the publication of information that organisations, governments and charities hold. When we interviewed him he explained that the importance of publishing it in a way that has three fundamental features: “it is on the web; it is available to re-use for anybody with an open license and it is machine-readable which mean that computers can process it – it is like a spreadsheet formula.” He said one benefit of this is “around transparency and accountability” allowing charities to “justify what is done with the resources that they have and the donations that are made to them.” Which also benefits “social value creation” as others can see the data and “build innovative applications and charities get the benefit of that open innovation.” In this way other people can do more with your data – bigger and better things than you may have been able to create for yourselves. You are allowing others to generate creativity for you. Please see his paper on Open Data and charities.

The Cloud was also a popular topic, and one exhibitor – Mark from Cloud Business summarised it for us “Imagine having all of your IT applications - email, Sharepoint and Lync anywhere on any device hosted by Microsoft in the Cloud in a safe secure environment ready all of the time – this is Office 365.” 

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