CFG urges charities to sign the Fraud Pledge

CFG urges charities and social enterprises to sign the Fraud Pledge during Fraud Awareness Week 2021.

CFG is proud to be among the main supporters of this year’s Fraud Awareness Week, working behind the scenes with the Fraud Advisory Panel and others to relaunch the Fraud Pledge.

The pledge is a commitment to some simple steps which will help prevent charity fraud:

  1. Appoint someone to champion counter fraud
  2. Ensure trustees know about their duties to protect charity asset
  3. Consult with staff, volunteers and trustees about the types of fraud risk and the mechanisms for prevention
  4. Create a written policy
  5. Perform a check on individuals with whom the charity has a financial relationship
  6. Assess how well its going, building in ways to improve with any lessons you learn along the way

The Charity Commission’s most recent figures estimate some £8.6 million income was lost between April 2020 and March 2021. CFG is urging all members to sign the pledge and keep fraud front of mind.

Caron Bradshaw, CEO of CFG, comments: “Our advice is, don’t be paralysed by fear. Fraudsters will always be able to find new ways to defraud. However, we can work together to collectively reduce the millions lost to good causes.

“At a time when we are all financially stretched, reducing this figure must be in everyone’s interests. If you do just one thing to prevent charity fraud, make it signing and applying the Fraud Pledge!”

Sign the Fraud Pledge now

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