Gift Aid Awareness Day

How your charity can get involved in Gift Aid Awareness Day 2022

Since 2018, charities across the UK have been taking to social media for one day every October to share the #TickTheBox message with donors, supporters, volunteers and others.

Charity volunteers and staff also spend Gift Aid Awareness Day to talk to supporters about what Gift Aid means to them, and why it's more important than ever to #TickTheBox.

This year, on Thursday 6 October, Charity Finance Group would like your charity to join the campaign, so we can thank those who #TickTheBox and share the impact Gift Aid claims have.

Download our campaign toolkit today! And find out more about the 2022 #TickTheBox campaign here.


What is Gift Aid? Why is it important?

Gift Aid is a tax relief for charities in the UK to increase donations - at no extra cost to the person making the donation.

When a charity receives a donation from a UK taxpayer, the charity is entitled to claim an extra 25% paid on that donation.

A £10 donation processed with Gift Aid becomes a £12.50 donation!

To find out more about Gift Aid and why it's so vital to #TickTheBox, download our handy Fact Sheet for donors and volunteers and please share widely on Thursday, 6 October!


Watch and share our co-created video about Gift Aid: