Gift Aid Awareness Day


Gift Aid Awareness Day logo 3 October 2024

Gift Aid Awareness Day 2024

SAVE THE DATE! Gift Aid Awareness Day will be held on Thursday 3 October 2024 and CFG would like your organisation to join our #TickTheBox campaign.

Gift Aid Awareness Day and our #TickTheBox campaign is an opportunity for charities across the UK increase engagement with Gift Aid by:

- Sharing the enormous impact Gift Aid has on beneficiaries and communities.

- Promote public understanding of Gift Aid.

- Show why it is so important to #TickTheBox.

How can you get involved?
Since 2018, charities across the UK have been taking to social media for one day every October to share the #TickTheBox message with donors, supporters, volunteers and others.

When you get involved, it is also a chance to:

- Recognise your supporters/donors’ generosity

- Celebrate your impact

- Get donors excited about what more we can all achieve if they #TickTheBox.

Charity volunteers and staff can get involved by spending Gift Aid Awareness Day to talk to supporters about what Gift Aid means to them and why it is more important than ever to #TickTheBox.

For Gift Aid Awareness Day, CFG will be:

- Providing social media toolkits that will contain everything your organisation needs to get involved on the day.

- Running our Gift Aid Awareness Day webinar.

We value your involvement:

Does your organisation want to tell us more about new ways that we can support you to make 2024 Gift Aid Awareness Day the most impactful so far?

We want this year's campaign to be co-created with charities across the UK. We would love to hear from your organisation to see how we can make this year's Gift Aid Awareness Day bigger, better, and more impactful than before.

Get involved: Enquiry form

Please fill in our enquiry form to:

- Register your interest to be kept up to date with our Gift Aid Awareness Day resources and events.

- Here we will also welcome you to state if you would like to get involved with shaping our campaign by sharing what Gift Aid means to your organisation.


Watch and share our co-created video about Gift Aid: