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Fraud October 2019

Finance Focus Oct 2019

Risk management in action

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Fraud Mar 2018

Impact of money laundering and counter-terrorism regulations on charities

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Fraud Mar 2017

The Charities Counter Fraud Checklist

Charity Finance Group has produced The Charities Counter Fraud Checklist. This checklist is designed to help charities to establish (or strengthen) their counter-fraud policy. The checklist asks ten essential questions that all charities should be thinking about when working to tackle fraud.

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Fraud Mar 2017

The Small Charities Guide to Preventing Fraud

Charity Finance Group (CFG) has launched a guide to help small charities counter fraud. The guide, The Small Charities Guide to Preventing Fraud looks at measures that charities can put into place to help them stop fraud.

This guide will help small charities to understand what fraud is, outline the steps they need to protect themselves against fraud, highlight what tell-tale signs to look out for to detect fraud, know what to do once they have detected fraud and where to report fraud when it has occurred.

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Fraud Mar 2016

Countering Fraud: A guide for the UK charity sector

Charity Finance Group (CFG) and PKF Littlejohnhave launched a new guide to help charities proactively counter fraud.

This guide will help finance professionals and trustees to identify areas for improvement when building their resilience to fraud, and moving towards actively managing the risk of fraud.

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