Foundation Investment Training

Governance, regulation and compliance Investment

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Sarasin & Partners
Juxon House 100 St. Paul's Church Yard

This intensive half-day seminar is designed to give participants a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of charity investment, as well as their responsibilities as finance manager or trustees. We aim to provide attendees with an outline of charity finance, their obligations within this and how to make responsible decisions regarding charity investments.

The course is open to charities only, and is suitable for anyone in the finance function responsible for investments, as well as charity trustees and CEOs. This is a solid introduction to investment to individuals new to this area or the charity sector. It can also be a good way to update and refresh the knowledge for those who have some experience with investments.

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Main session

• Decision making about charity funds
• ‘Must do’ (legal) and ‘should do’ (best practice)
• The authority of trustees
• The Trustee Act 2000
• The general power of investment
• Why charities own investments
• Analysis of major asset categories - What drives returns?
• Creation of a strategic investment policy
• Enacting an investment policy
• Monitoring your investments


Drinks and discussion

A chance to network with your peers in the sector and discuss learning.

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