Dec 2 2013
Gift Aid Tax and VAT

Research questions to get our teeth into on Gift Aid

The National Audit Office has released a report on HMRC, Gift Aid and other tax reliefs on donations.  Overall it estimates the cost to the exchequer of these tax reliefs ...

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Nov 21 2013
Gift Aid Governance regulation and compliance Tax and VAT

NAO report on Gift Aid: Evidence of a lack of evidence

Today the first of three long awaited reports into charity regulation and tax reliefs was issued by the NAO. 

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Nov 15 2013
Accounting and reporting Governance regulation and compliance

Accounting for different charity structures

The legal and reporting framework anchors the values shared by charities, while still allowing flexibility where there is divergence in business model. The guidance for financial reporting in charities, or the ...

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Nov 14 2013
Pensions and HR

How are charities faring with auto-enrolment

By the end of this year, almost 215 of the largest charities will have complied with the duty to auto-enrolled their employees. Another 25,000 will do so by 2018.  We’ve ...

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Nov 12 2013
Pensions and HR

We're all in! Are you?

‘In what?’ I hear you ask. No, I’m not referring to being in CFG’s new offices, what I mean is ‘in a pension scheme’ of course. 

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