Jul 10 2013
Governance regulation and compliance Investment

It takes two to tango with the social investment tax relief

With social investment recently hailed by the prime minster as ‘a great force for social change on the planet’ you’d be forgiven for thinking there was rather more of it going on.

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Jun 27 2013
Charity finance policy

Little good news for charities in 2013 Spending Review

There was little cause for optimism for the charity sector in the Government’s 2013 Spending Review, with a few niche giveaways overshadowed by more details on planned welfare reforms and further cuts to local government

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Jun 25 2013
Financial sustainability

The significance of the Spending Review

In 2010 the Spending Review set departmental expenditure limits (DELs) from 2011/12 to 2014/15, outlining details of savings in the region of £86bn over that time.

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Jun 4 2013
Pensions and HR

Why recruitment from the private sector may be increasing in charity finance teams

Charity Finance Group’s latest People and Pay Survey (formerly Salary Survey) showed a significant increase in recruitment from the private sector into charity finance teams, but what are the drivers ...

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May 10 2013
Governance regulation and compliance Tax and VAT

FATCA: What charities need to know

Eva Abeles and Melora Jezierska provide an update on the current status of FATCA legislation and its implications for the charity sector

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