Your continued personal and professional development positively impacts both your workplace and those your organisation exists to serve. Take a look at how CFG can help you and your team grow.

CFG’s events and training programme is second-to-none. Our events and courses give you the opportunity to drill down into a wide range of subjects and skills. And they are a great way to expand your networks, while boosting your continuing professional development. That’s not all! You’re also able to access the full annual programme whilst taking advantage of member-exclusive prices! 

You can attend anything from our events and training programme. We run a mix of face-to-face and virtual sessions. Ask us for a quote for that we can provide if you have a number of staff you would like to train together.  We cover topics including, but not limited to:

  • SORP
  • Governance
  • Finance for Fundraisers
  • Foundation Investment
  • Advanced Investment
  • Cybersecurity for Charities
  • Foundation Charity Finance
  • Advanced Charity Finance
  • Audit Committee
  • Introduction to VAT


“CFG gives invaluable advice and runs excellent conferences and training programmes”

Developing and inspiring excellence in charity finance and leadership is at the heart of CFG’s mission. Our Inspiring Financial Leadership (IFL) course is the crown jewel in our training programme! For over a decade, financial professionals and their organisations have taken giant leaps forward, thanks to IFL. The programme is run in partnership with the Centre for Charity Effectiveness and specialist audit and accountancy firm Sayer Vincent. Along with The Finance Journey, we help you and your team to reach new heights!

The 2022/23 cohort is recruiting now! Book your place.

Has your team set out on The Finance Journey yet? As a CFG member, you can access our finance leadership development model for free. Designed and refined over the past decade specifically for our sector, it has helped finance professionals at every career stage grow into truly transformational people. It includes real-life case studies and a simple toolkit to link your development path to other CFG resources designed to help you make the shift from being a technician to a position of true organisation-wide leadership.

 If you’re looking to take finance to a new level in your organisation, or want a tool to guide the way for your whole team, get started today on your own Finance Journey. What are you waiting for?

“ . . . due to the success of the programme which led to an internal promotion, I am about to embark on a Masters Degree in Finance & Strategy . . .”


“I am more confident in myself and my role. I am more aware of how I engage with other members of the organisation and what I am ‘putting out there’” 

Alongside the IFL programme and The Finance Journey, CFG’s Mentoring Scheme helps finance professionals to grow personally, not just professionally. Since its launch three years ago, the scheme has gone from strength to strength.

We bring people together in a safe, supportive environment, and work with them to grow their peer-to-peer mentoring relationships.

Participants tell us that the scheme not only helps them to shape their own learning and development, but that of their peer mentor too.

It's an incredibly powerful and supportive experience and is more accessible than ever since we now connect online. 

“I loved the CFG mentoring scheme where I was trained to be a mentor and then mentored a fellow charity finance leader. I learned so much from this and it motivated me in my day job”