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Public Accounts Committee Report on COVID-19 Government Support for Charities

We welcome the publication of the Commons Public Accounts Committee report of their inquiry into the government’s support for charities during COVID-19, we were pleased to submit evidence alongside other sector bodies.

Throughout the pandemic, CFG and others have repeatedly made the case that while the support offered by government was welcome, it represented only a small proportion of the predicted income gap, and that other government support initiatives, such as the Coronavirus Job Support Scheme, were not fit for purpose where demand for services to communities and individuals continued to increase. We have dedicated significant resources through this period to provide evidence, data, knowledge and willingness to collaborate with government to shape their response.

CFG supports the recommendations in the report, particularly that DCMS should set out the specific actions it is taking to monitor and understand the financial health and resilience of the charity sector, and to set out the triggers that would prompt it to consider further government financial support to the charity sector. As ever, we remain committed to working with officials and government Ministers to aid their understanding and to help meet these commitments.

Whilst the emergency feels like it’s over for many, the crisis will continue for some time to come for users and recipients of the work of charities and social change organisations and it is vital that the government consider the need for continued support to ensure recovery.

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