Feb 10 2014
Accounting and reporting Pensions and HR

Accounting at the sharp end: A report from the Community Accountancy Conference 2014

I’ve not long returned from a short sojourn in rain-drenched Birmingham. Several CFG colleagues and I donned both our waterproofs and chainmail armour in order to sally forth into the ...

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Jan 28 2014
Accounting and reporting Charity finance policy

'Professionalism' is not a dirty word

2014. I can’t quite believe that this is my fourth year working within the sector, but I’ve been sensing that the pressure on us as a ‘sector’ has intensified... Pensions. ...

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Jan 24 2014
Accounting and reporting Financial sustainability Governance regulation and compliance

A change in economic outlook- is your charity sinking or swimming… tell us!

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Jan 20 2014
Governance regulation and compliance

Why the role of the charity regulator matters - a look to Ireland

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Jan 15 2014
Financial sustainability

Mergers during the recession; why weren’t there as many as expected?

In the wake of the launch of our most recent survey in the ‘Managing in a Downturn’ series, we take a look at what the last five instalments have told us about the scale and form of mergers in the sector.

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