Sep 2 2013
Governance regulation and compliance

Ian's insight: The world needs grown ups

I am writing this article in mid-August – a week after the Wonga furore and in the midst of the charity salary ‘revelations’ – the silly season indeed! 

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Aug 12 2013
Accounting and reporting Financial sustainability

The silver lining in the charity salary saga

Another week and more headlines about charity executive pay. Given the focus on bankers, business leaders, senior civil servants and local authority chiefs of late, it was really only a matter of time before charities would end up in the firing line.

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Aug 9 2013
Gift Aid

The Gift Aid declaration - what's the big deal?

The Gift Aid declaration has long been a prickly issue for charities tasked with squeezing it onto fundraising forms – and one we have spent countless hours debating with HMRC at the Charity Tax Forum.

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Aug 5 2013
Accounting and reporting

What’s really new about the new SORP?

We haven’t had a new SORP since 2005, and in that time we have managed to bring in a whole new accounting framework in the UK.

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Jul 24 2013
Accounting and reporting

Tweaking the annual return

Our policy team recently took the unusual step of completing CFG’s annual return (AR). As in most charities, this normally falls to our finance team, so this was relatively new territory for us, and a rather a novel way to get our heads around the Charity Commission’s latest consultation, ‘Developing the content of the annual return and information displayed on the register of charities’.

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