Crisis management

What you can do for your sector


Beneficiaries and communities need you to act. We need your urgent help to make #EveryDayCounts go viral.

Help us with campaigning and providing the evidence to help Government understand that investing in the sector and preventing our collapse is essential.

We have identified that there will be charities who are on the brink of collapse (will become insolvent in next month), there are charities who can survive the crisis but will have to abandon their services and beneficiaries (in part or in full) to ensure that they can survive in the longer term, those who simply cannot play their part for lack of resource and those who can manage through this crisis and who will need support after the immediate crisis has passed.

We need to provide evidence of the size, scale and impact of our sector’s challenges.

What action can you take?

  1. Use the #EveryDayCounts campaign badge on your website, emails and social media to show support and promote the campaign. Download graphics here.

  2. Encourage your celebrity patrons and ambassadors to support the campaign by emailing them our briefing note.
  3. Write to your MPs - using this template letter
  4. Mobilise your supporters – by asking them to write to their MP using the template letter above
  5. Share your stories; use local media, social media using the hashtags #EveryDayCounts and get your stories out there in the following format;
    • what are you doing to support in response to COVID19 crisis (through existing services and/or additional activity you have taken on)
    • highlight any increases in your activities as a result of the crisis
    • highlight any capacity or financial squeezes where you can
    • tag @dianabarran and thank her for all she is doing to fight for charities
    • tag @rishisunak and highlight the need for financial support
    • tag local media outlets/journalists/mainstream media
    • share short videos of how this is impacting your charity and beneficiaries right now
  6. Contact your local media outlets

"What you do today isn’t about saving your charity - it’s about saving the role charities play in society for the good of our beneficiaries. It’s about helping charities play their part in responding to these unprecedented times and ensuring the most vulnerable in society aren’t the hardest hit at this terrible time. Thank You." Caron Bradshaw, CEO, Charity Finance Group


As sector bodies and umbrella groups, we are all working together to make sure that EveryDayCounts for charities and non profits of all sizes all around the country. The organisations listed here are leading on these various aspects and you can contact them for queries in these areas. If your organisation would like to take active part in supporting or driving any one of these strands, please get in touch with

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