Gift Aid

Our response to the Gift Aid Donor Benefits consultation

Charity Finance Group, Institute of Fundraising, National Council for Voluntary Organisations and Small Charities Coalition have submitted a joint response to the government's consultation into simplifying Gift Aid Donor Benefit rules.

Our recommendations are summarised below, or you can download the full response (.PDF).

  • We recommend reducing the number of thresholds from three thresholds to two thresholds to simplify the donor benefits system.
  • We endorse the introduction of a disregard for low value benefits to help small charities.
  • We agree with the proposal to put the ‘split payments rule’ into legislation.
  • We recommend that charities should have a requirement to inform donors about the amount of Gift Aid claimed on their donations only upon request.
  • We support the proposal to legislate for the inclusion of the averaging method in legislation.
  • We support the proposal to legislate for the inclusion of the rule that literature being considered of inconsequential value for the purposes of the donor benefits system in legislation.
  • However, we also believe that the government should consider widening the scope of this benefit to include other forms of benefits, such as apps, toolkits and other materials that may be used to help the charity advance its charitable objects.
  • We recommend that the government changes the valuation process from the value to the donor to cost to the charity.

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