May 4 2022

Meet our Sponsors: HSBC Private Banking

We speak to Sophie Ward, Head of Charities and Education at HSBC Private Banking, about the new purpose of wealth, how charities are viewing their investments in a post-Covid world, and what advice she offers finance leaders in the space.

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Apr 28 2022
Gift Aid

Technical Update: Gift Aid and the naming of buildings

HMRC has revised its guidance on gift aid and donor benefit rules around the naming of buildings. Chair of Charity Tax Group (CTG), Richard Bray, explains.

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Apr 26 2022
Leadership Risk

What The Protect Duty means for you

How does the Government's new Protect Duty affect charities and other non-profit organisations? Dr Clare Mills explains what it is and why it's time to develop a security mindset.

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Mar 24 2022

Building a home for members

What does it mean to be a member of the CFG community? And how are members helping to shape the benefits and services CFG provides? We talk to Jit Mistry, Head of Membership and Marketing at CFG, to find out.

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Mar 24 2022
Financial sustainability Gift Aid Governance regulation and compliance Pensions and HR Tax and VAT

Spring Statement 2022: Not nearly enough for those on low incomes

CFG's corporate partners and Richard Sagar, Head of Policy, take a closer look at the Chancellor's Spring Statement, considering what it means for charities and those they serve.

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