Feb 9 2021

Inspiring people and workplaces to thrive – wherever that may be

How can charities nurture engaged, productive and happy workplaces? Jo Moffatt of Engage for Success explains why employee engagement must be put at the heart of every organisation.

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Jan 26 2021
Governance regulation and compliance

How to share your story through your annual report

Find out how complying with the fundraising reporting requirements in Section 13 of the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 can be a great way of telling your fundraising story. Heather McLoughlin, Policy Development Officer at Fundraising Regulator, explains more...

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Jan 21 2021
Financial sustainability Leadership

Brexit and beyond: Civil society must keep pushing on what matters

Brexit is over, the deal is done. Whether we like it or not, we must keep looking ahead. As the UK carves out a new role on the world stage, there's never been a better time to set out our stall, argues Caron Bradshaw.

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Jan 13 2021

New approaches to risk with the Nuffield Foundation

In advance of CFG's Risk Conference 2021, Ian Hanham, Director of Finance and Information Systems at the Nuffield Foundation, shares how a new approach and assurance map can increase confidence and new insights into the risks being monitored and managed by boards, senior management and audit committees.

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Dec 15 2020

Putting members at the heart of CFG

CFG’s Senior Membership and Insight Manager, Jessica Meddick, shares some personal reflections on life at CFG during the past 12 months, and looks ahead to what promises to be another busy and fruitful year.

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