Jul 26 2019
Charity finance policy

Our new PM is neither a buffoon nor a jester. It's time to take him seriously.

Caron Bradshaw reflects on Johnson's appointment as the new PM, and weighs up some of the potential outcomes from this week's political upheaval.


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Jul 25 2019
Charity finance policy Leadership

What does the new prime minster mean for the charity sector?

By David Ainsworth, Sector Specialist, CFG

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Jul 24 2019

OSSIG roundup: The link between fraud, bullying, and safeguarding

By David Ainsworth, Sector Specialist, CFG


If you have a problem with fraud, are you more likely to have a problem with safeguarding?

The experts seem to think the answer is yes, at least those who attended last month's meeting of CFG's overseas special interest group.

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Jul 23 2019
Charity finance policy Tax and VAT

The Charity Tax Commission report - does it go far enough?

The Charity Tax Commission report was published earlier this month. Richard Sagar, CFG's Policy Manager explores the main findings and recommendations in the report. It's a welcome review he says, but it's important now for government to act, and not kick charity tax into the long grass.

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Jul 18 2019

Trustee tips for responsible investing

Responsible investment can be a great opportunity to align your investments with your charity. But how do you marry up the vast range of investment possibilities with your charity’s financial future? Robert Seifert and Austen Speakman from Brooks Macdonald provide some helpful dos and don’ts to turn your goals into meaningful responsible investment actions.

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