Nov 16 2020
Coronavirus Leadership

Gone with the wind

Caron Bradshaw shares the valuable lessons learned from failing to prop up a much-loved, ancient apple tree while it was still bearing fruit.

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Nov 10 2020
Coronavirus Financial sustainability Leadership

This is an emergency! CFG asks civil society to #MobiliseNotMothball and get behind its urgent message to government

Thousands of charities and social enterprises are now in serious financial difficulty, but there is hope, says Caron Bradshaw, CEO of Charity Finance Group: Join CFG’s campaign and call for an urgent government plan that is fit-for-purpose!

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Oct 29 2020
Coronavirus Financial sustainability

The boy who cried wolf

Caron Bradshaw, CFG's CEO, challenges the notion that charities are overstating the financial crises they now face.

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Oct 21 2020
Financial sustainability Governance regulation and compliance

Three-year Comprehensive Spending Review replaced

CFG's Policy Manager, Richard Sagar, shares an update on the government's recent decision to hold a one-year Spending Review.

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Oct 21 2020

Black History Month: The black people who inspire us

As part of Black History Month, members of CFG's new Diversity Working Group have been talking about the black people who have inspired their lives. Read on to learn about some of those incredible people.

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