Oct 16 2019
Financial sustainability Leadership Risk

Why safeguarding is vital for finance leaders

If you work in the voluntary sector, the chances are you’ll have spotted that safeguarding has suddenly been rocketed up the list of concerns for charity leaders. As NCVO launch a series of safeguarding resources to help charities build their capabilities in this area, CFG's David Ainsworth explains why CFG members should check them out.


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Oct 16 2019

Why the Masonic Charitable Foundation became the first charity to sponsor a CAIF

Charles Angus, Finance Director for Masonic Charitable Foundations, explains why the Masonic Charitable Foundation became the first charity in the UK to sponsor its own charitable authorised investment fund, or CAIF, and shares his experience as a lesson for other charities.

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Oct 15 2019

Managing Risk: a perspective from a CEO

In advance of his presentation at CFG's Risk Conference on 10 December, Mark Goldring, former CEO at Oxfam GB, asks how you can mitigate the unknown risks, as well as plan for the anticipated ones. 

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Oct 3 2019
Gift Aid

Defeating the myths about Gift Aid

Involving multiple forms, numerous cards and baffling entries on tax self-assessment forms — it is no surprise that the intricacies of how Gift Aid works can appear something of an arcane science. Swiftaid is defeating the myths about Gift Aid and explaining what it’s all about:

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Oct 2 2019
Charity finance policy

What does Labour’s independent schools proposal mean for charities?

By David Ainsworth, Sector Specialist, CFG

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