Contact: Gillian Gibbon

20 Cotswolds Way
MK18 2FH

For many charities financial planning is becoming more difficult and the ability to deliver long-term projects less certain. In order to survive, charities know they must find ways of doing more with their available funds.

We work with Finance Directors, Chief Executives and procurement teams in the charity sector – delivering new perspectives and insights to drive change and increase profitability, competitiveness and growth.

We are experts in procurement. We provide in- depth expertise in over 80 business cost areas and our specialists come from a broad range of professions, commerce and industry – giving charities an unrivalled network of knowledge, skills, and expertise.

We provide significant buying power, leveraging the power of our supplier relationships. In the market since 1994, we have 4000 clients including over 300 charities.

We help charities release significant savings by finding that extra hidden surplus/profit in their operating cost base, improving cash flow and increasing business efficiency.


Gillian Gibbon  on 07810 864893 or 0203 376 3201