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Join Charity Finance Group (CFG) and be part of the UK’s largest charity finance community!

As the UK's largest charity finance community, we bring people together. Whether your finance department is a large team or just one person, we can support you at every stage of your charity finance career. 

Whether you're looking for the latest updates, insights on the challenges facing our sector, expert knowledge or top-quality CPD and training, we can help.  

Everything we do is to inspire a financially confident, dynamic and trustworthy charity sector.  

Read on to see all the ways our membership network can benefit you!

How to join CFG

This is a two step process:  

  • First, use your email address to make your account on the Join CFG page. 
    • We will check that your organisation is not currently a member. If it is, congratulations! You can already make use of all our member benefits and be part of our active, friendly communities and networks.  

  • Second, if your organisation is not yet in membership, you will be taken to our registration form. After you’ve given your organisation’s details, you’ll be prompted to move to the  MyCFG section for payment
    • If you need help with any of the above, please feel free to reach out to us directly at
Alternative memberships

If you are a federated charity interested in hearing more about alternative membership opportunities, contact our Membership Team

Our partnership with Association of Independent Museums means AIM members can join CFG for free. AIM members can join us here. 

We also offer Affiliate Membership which is useful for finance professionals between roles, or retired individuals who wish to stay connected to sector issues and resources. You can find out more by emailing our Membership Team



Charity Membership Fees

Annual membership is based on your organisation’s gross income.


Gross income is based on your latest published annual income.


CFG membership benefits



You’ll be part of our large community of people focused on charity finance, sharing similar challenges and interests, and looking to connect with others.  


CFG offers you support at every stage of your finance journey.  

  • Stay up to date with our Knowledge Hub
  • Receive support as you need it from our 1-to-1 expert helplines 
  • CFG provides information ranging from the big sector-changing events to managing the minutiae of legal and compliance changes and everything inbetween
  • CFG partners with those in the sector to provide content for every facet of charity finance


As a CFG member, you can access all the tools you and your team need to grow as charity finance professionals and leaders.  

  • Our Finance Journey gives structure and guidance to those looking to grow their skill set
  • CFG's mentoring scheme helps individuals connect and learn from others 
  • our Inspiring Financial Leadership course to help further your skills as a leader in the sector 


Our extended network and partner organisations can help you make your money go further. 

  • Advertise your vacancies at a discounted rate across the charity sector 
  • Take advantage of our CFG bursary to join our Inspiring Financial Leadership course 
  • Join our busy programme of free member-only events alongside our usual programme
  • Benefit from additional exclusive discounts 
    • Charity Times offers CFG members a 20% discount

Terms and Conditions of Charity Membership

CFDG Trading Limited (Company Number 0681064), Trading as Charity Finance Group, Registered Charity No: 1054914, a Company Limited by Guarantee, whose registered office is 7-14 Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4YR (referred to as CFG).

Upon payment for annual membership, the paying member agrees to pay the non-refundable membership fee to CFG. CFG will invoice the member using the provided details by the member. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice sent date.

This Membership Agreement shall last for one calendar year. All renewal dates will be the first of the month. If the member joins on the 2nd-15th of the month, their renewal date will be the 1st of the current month in 1 year's time. If the member joins on the 16th-31st of the month, their renewal date will be the 1st of the following month in 1 year's time.