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An individual’s email address is by far the most robust and reliable global Unique Identifier in the digital era. Emailage has built the world’s largest repository of email addresses and their associated behaviour, which allows charities to access real-time, dynamic fraud risk scoring, whilst sharing intelligence of criminal activity with hundreds of leading brands across the globe.

By looking at the email address and its connections to other data elements held in the Emailage network (IP address, Name, Address, Phone number), Emailage can apply their proprietary scoring algorithms to provide a highly accurate risk score.

We help charities make better real-time decisions by enabling access to a vast network of digital behavioural data. It is this large pool of global dynamic network data combined with your industry and company level machine learning which makes the product an invaluable tool in the fight against fraud for charities.


Thomas Barnes 

Regional Marketing Manager


Brandon Bonnar

Charity Development Manager



IT and data