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When it comes to charity fundraising, every penny counts towards helping your organisation have a bigger impact. We understand this. Our mission is to help your funds go further.

Through our platform, you can access over 30 banks and building societies with competitive interest rates, all from a single sign up. This enables you to maximise returns whilst simultaneously reducing risk by diversifying cash deposits with a range of banking providers. We are committed to providing stellar service level standards and pride ourselves on our ‘client-first’ approach. Our independent status allows us to work with wealth managers, financial planners, and banks to get the best results for clients.


Helpful Hounds Assistance Dogs was delighted with the service and terms that we received from Insignis when setting up our Savings Accounts. The personal help and information we received when making our choice of providers was invaluable. Added to that, the method of applying for accounts using a single form, together with the ease of transferring the money, made the whole process straightforward. In a sentence: We were delighted with the service and the outcome!

- Helpful Hounds Assistance Dogs


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Mario Paparelli – Senior Account Manager, Email: Tel: 07773784399

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Established in 2015, we are a multi-award-winning cash savings platform. We are currently experiencing exponential growth as more people realise that our simple solution saves time, reduces risk, and increases returns. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Registration Number 813442. 



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