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Nell Dodge, Business Development Manager
UK, SmartSimple Software UK Ltd
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Trusted by 400+ organisations, used by over 300,000 individuals monthly, SmartSimple Software is a global leader in online grants management and CSR/employee engagement solutions.

SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management transforms how charities manage, track, and measure the full impact of their giving programs.

SmartSimple Cloud solutions push the limits on the most complex process challenges in both charitable and corporate spaces. Contact us for innovative, configurable, client centric solutions that are fully auditable and meet modern governance requirements.

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"Our data was all over the place. We were working with old-school, physical files in the cabinet. Staff would print out forms, set them down, and lose them. We needed a new grantmaking system for a long time. Today, we’ve saved a lot of time internally looking at applications, our staff have customized dashboards with relevant grantmaking activities, and the Foundation’s payments are done by a third-party and it makes the auditing process much easier because all of the financial numbers are accurate and reported."

- Egmont Foundation, Denmark

"SmartSimple Cloud offers many advantages over a manual system, and everyone has found it quite easy to use. The SmartSimple Dublin team is great. It’s clear that pleasing the client is their main priority and they’re always open-minded and willing to listen to what we need. Having one central system for our Commercialisation Fund Programme makes work much less labor-intensive for everyone; no need to go into multiple systems to find and collate the information we’re looking for."

- Enterprise Ireland




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