Charity finance policy

A Charity Finance Manifesto To Enable Civil Society To Thrive

In the run-up to the election, CFG has partnered with ACEVO, Children England, institute of Fundraising, Lloyds Bank Foundation, Local Trust, NAVCA, NCVO and Small Charities Coalition to publish a manifesto for charity finance.

As organisations which represent the voluntary sector, we have a common and shared objective in seeing the right foundations for success put in place to enable civil society to thrive and mend the rift in our social fabric. We are proud to come together in this way to amplify our voices for strategic funding for stronger communities in all regions of the UK.

Our asks in brief are:

  1. Increase funding for local authorities
  2. Establish a Resilient Communities Fund
  3. Confirm what arrangements will be made to replace EU funds, should Brexit take place
  4. Use Dormant Assets to create a Community Wealth Fund

Please see our manifesto for full details

We would like to invite member organisations to sign up to the manifesto and join us in making the case for a thriving civil society. Contact us at

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