CFG and Brexit

We have now left the EU, but many questions remain. Here, we set out our six requirements for Brexit and a post-EU world.

What does the new trade agreement means for charities? What preparations will charities need to make over the next few months? How will CFG and the wider sector, campaign so the UK can take advantage of the opportunities that our exit from the EU presents?

Discussions about Britain’s departure from the EU stretch far back at Charity Finance Group. Even prior to the referendum, we took a view on what we thought was in the best interest of the voluntary sector.

Over the years our position has evolved alongside the debates, but we have always made clear that the government needs to consider the interests of the third sector in whatever outcome it wishes to pursue.*

Our six key requirements

In 2018, we set out six key requirements that should be met by any Brexit outcome and these remain relevant today. They are:

1. The UK has complete freedom to change VAT rules including the creation of new zero-rates, options to tax and a comprehensive rebate mechanism

2. Services are funded to the same level that they are currently funded by the EU, with improvements in delivery of funding

3. The UK is still able to flexibly pool resources to access EU funds in key areas such as international aid

4. State aid is reformed so that it focuses on enforcing competition in real markets instead of tying up charities and social enterprises with red tape in broken or non-functioning markets

5. There is greater flexibility on public procurement, so that more grants and contracts are awarded on the full social, economic and environmental value rather than just on cost

6. There is more flexibility in the immigration system, so that charities can continue to hire workers to deliver their charitable objectives

Read on to find out what the Agreement means for charities:

2. What does the UK/EU deal mean for charities?

3. How should charities prepare for the post-EU era?

4. What are the new opportunities for charities?


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