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Charities are ill-prepared for a no-deal Brexit and fear the worst: CFG survey

  • Over a third of charities (38%) have made no preparations at all for a no-deal Brexit.

  • Very few (8%) are fully aware of the impact it will have on their charity and have made adequate preparations.

When asked how prepared charities are for a no-deal Brexit, Charity Finance Group members and charity leaders, CFG found that the vast majority, 92% had had either a partial understanding or no understanding about what a no-deal outcome would mean for their charity.

As well as a lack of understanding, answers also revealed a lack of preparedness for no-deal Brexit. Of the 52 people responding, 83% said that they have made little or no preparation.

When asked ‘What is your biggest concern about a no-deal Brexit’, most respondents pointed to the lack of certainty:

“There is so much noise and misinformation that it is hard to anticipate what this will mean in practice; as ever the most vulnerable will suffer the most.”

“Complete uncertainty so knowing what will happen and what actions we need to take.”

Charity Finance Group has scrutinised the current withdrawal agreement and called for MPs to vote against it in January’s meaningful vote, concluding that UK charities worse off than if remaining in the EU. The membership charity, whose members manage two-thirds of charity income in England and Wales, subsequently concluded that a no-deal Brexit would be the worst possible outcome for civil society.

Caron Bradshaw, chief executive of CFG said: ““It is not surprising, but is worrying, that charities are ill-prepared for a no deal exit -  the level of uncertainty has made organisational planning in this respect incredibly difficult. This level of unprecedented uncertainty, volatility and predicted economic disruption coupled with the non-tariff considerations, from workers’ rights to regulatory complexity, present too great a risk to the UK and thus to civil society.

“So we call on all parties to prioritise the most vulnerable in our society, and do everything within their power to prevent a no-deal Brexit.”


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