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Charity Finance Group's briefing on the Autumn Budget 2018

Now the dust has settled, what did the 2018 Budget mean for the charity sector? Download our Budget Briefing for a full analysis and views from our corporate experts.

“Yet another budget goes by without any strategic funding for the sector. The announcements on charity tax and some additional funding for local government social care and children's services are to be welcomed, but they don't go far enough. And it's great to see funds for the military charities and air ambulances, however, worthy though those causes are, we desperately need the government to be more strategic in their funding of the sector as a whole.

"It was noticeable that the budget was caveated with there being a successful outcome to the Brexit negotiations. Despite further funds being poured into managing the process however, a no-deal seems increasingly likely. In that event it's difficult to see how the Chancellor could hold off until spring to rethink spending."

Caron Bradshaw, CEO of Charity Finance Group


Download our full Budget Briefing including perspectives from our corporate experts.

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