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  • Resilience of charity income

    Topics: Risk / Leadership and career development / Funding / Financial sustainability / Crisis management
    Written by: Robin Aitken
    On: 16.05.2024

    In this second part of his series on resilience, Robin Aitken takes a look at what to do when the going gets tough and the income streams dry up.

    Time to read: 6 minutes
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  • Event

    How the RSPCA increased Gift Aid income

    Topics: Tax and VAT / People and culture / Gift Aid / Financial sustainability
    Written by: Dionne Sturdy-Clow
    On: 10.04.2024

    Maximising Gift Aid income is the name of the game... Phoebe Cooper from RSPCA shares how the charity increased opt-in rates and income with behavioural economics and telephones.

    Time to read: 4 minutes
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  • Long read

    De-banking: can charities prevent bank account closures?

    Topics: Risk / Governance, legal and compliance / Banking and financial services / Accounting and reporting
    Written by: Sam Burne James
    On: 09.04.2024

    How has being ‘de-banked’ grown to be such a major risk for charities? What can charity financial professionals do to safeguard their organisations from it? And is there hope on the horizon? Sam Burne James has (some) of the answers…

    Time to read: 10 minutes
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  • Interview

    A legacy that will live on

    Topics: People and culture / Leadership and career development / Governance, legal and compliance
    Written by: Emma Abbott
    On: 09.04.2024

    After eight years on CFG’s board of trustees, Gary Forster has bid farewell to CFG. Talking to Emma Abbott, Gary reflects on his time as chair, the many highlights, the changes he’s seen and a membership and sector that never fails to impress him.

    Time to read: 9 minutes
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  • Pension funding changes – do you know how they will affect you?

    Topics: Governance, legal and compliance / Pensions / Risk
    Written by: Ed Symes
    On: 08.04.2024

    New regulations impacting DB pension schemes will come into force later in the year. Ed Symes FIA, from Lane Clark & Peacock LLP, explains the changes and what charities can do about them.

    Time to read: 3 minutes
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  • Interview

    Getting to know you... Dionne Sturdy-Clow

    Topics: People and culture / Leadership and career development / Gift Aid / Funding
    Written by: Emma Abbott
    On: 05.04.2024

    Thanks to generous funding through The Rank Foundation's Time2Shine programme, CFG has created a brand new post for an aspiring leader. Dionne Sturdy-Clow talks about her new role, how she'll be shaping CFG's #TickTheBox campaign and how she'd like every charity to get involved.

    Time to read: 4 minutes
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  • Is your DB scheme an asset rather than a liability?

    Topics: Pensions
    Written by: Alistair Russell-Smith
    On: 04.04.2024

    Could the tide be turning for DB schemes? Alistair Russell-Smith from Spence and Partners takes a look at the latest developments and shares some top tips.

    Time to read: 3 minutes
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  • Cracks in the system: Is welfare still working?

    Topics: People and culture / Governance, legal and compliance / Environmental, social, governance (ESG) / Economy and policy
    Written by: Lily Bristow
    On: 02.04.2024

    CFG and others have called for an 'Essentials Guarantee' to be introduced. What is it, why is it needed and what difference could it make to charities and the people they serve? Lily Bristow, Policy Intern at CFG, explains.

    Time to read: 6 minutes
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  • Employment law: is your charity ready for the update?

    Topics: Governance, legal and compliance / People and culture
    Written by: Emma Ferry
    On: 28.03.2024

    This April sees the biggest employment law update we have had in a number of years. Emma Ferry from Bluestone HR shares a summary of all the key changes.

    Time to read: 3 minutes
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  • Research

    Spence Charity DB Pensions Report now out

    Topics: Pensions / Investment
    Posted by: CFG
    On: 20.03.2024

    A new report by Spence indicates that high levels of scheme funding are expected to drive a renewed focus on end-game planning for DB schemes. Read on for the results of the analysis and to download the report...

    Time to read: 2 minutes
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    AI: how can charities respond to the hype?

    Topics: Risk / People and culture / IT, technology and digital
    Written by: Sarah Belsham
    On: 14.03.2024

    As AI technologies evolve and employees experiment, organisations should look to set out their AI strategy. Sarah Belsham from RSM UK explains how.

    Time to read: 2 minutes
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  • CFG briefing: spring budget analysis 2024

    Topics: Tax and VAT / Pensions / Governance, legal and compliance / Gift Aid / Funding / Economy and policy / Accounting and reporting
    Written by: Richard Sagar
    On: 06.03.2024

    CFG takes a look at the Chancellor's spring budget announcements and analyses what they mean for the charity sector.

    Time to read: 19 minutes
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