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  • Technical update: Gift Aid and the naming of buildings

    Topics: Gift Aid
    Posted by: Richard Bray
    On: 28.04.2022

    HMRC has revised its guidance on gift aid and donor benefit rules around the naming of buildings. Chair of Charity Tax Group (CTG), Richard Bray, explains.

    Time to read: 2 minutes
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  • CFG comments

    Spring Statement 2022: Not nearly enough for those on low incomes

    Topics: Tax and VAT / Governance, legal and compliance / Gift Aid
    Written by: Richard Sagar
    On: 24.03.2022

    CFG's corporate partners and Richard Sagar, Head of Policy, take a closer look at the Chancellor's Spring Statement, considering what it means for charities and those they serve.

    Time to read: 10 minutes
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  • Summer Economic Update

    Topics: Crisis management / Gift Aid / Tax and VAT / Environmental, social, governance (ESG) / Charity finance policy
    Posted by: Guest blogger
    On: 08.07.2020

    Richard Sagar, Policy Manager, sets out a briefing on today's Economic Update by the Chancellor aided by commentary from our corporate partner experts. Together, they examine how the announcements might affect charities and what we might expect from the Autumn Spending Review.

    Please contact us at if you'd like to get in touch.

    Time to read: 11 minutes
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  • Defeating the myths about Gift Aid

    Topics: Gift Aid
    Posted by: Guest blogger
    On: 03.10.2019

    Involving multiple forms, numerous cards and baffling entries on tax self-assessment forms — it is no surprise that the intricacies of how Gift Aid works can appear something of an arcane science. Swiftaid is defeating the myths about Gift Aid and explaining what it’s all about:

    Time to read: 4 minutes
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