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Caron Bradshaw: Woman of the Year!

CFG's CEO Caron Bradshaw has won a prestigious accolade at this year’s Women in Finance and Accountancy Awards

Caron was named Woman of the Year (non-CCAB) 2020, fighting off strong competition for the award from seven other finalists. These included Faye Reizopoulou of Leigh Academies Trust and Julie Teague of Cogent Elliott Group, who were highly commended by the judges.

Presenting the award, Chair of the Judges Kevin Reed said: “Ultimately, Caron best demonstrated her broad range of skills and achievements, backed up by a fascinating external report into her work.”

The judges remarked on Caron’s ‘inspirational story’, impressed that it was ‘very specific as to how this relates to women’. They added that there was clear evidence of how Caron inspires others.

Among those nominating Caron for this year’s award was CFG’s Chair of the Board of Trustees, Gary Forster. He wrote: ‘Caron’s passion for the cause and the high standards that she demands of herself are reflected in the team of directors which she has coached, empowered and inspired in equal measure.

‘After ten years of commitment, passion and bloody hard work Caron has built extraordinary momentum for an organisation that not long ago was considered by some just an informal group of well-meaning and passionate professionals.

‘By focusing on a strategy of promoting financial leadership, Caron has cemented CFG as not only a go-to-body for the sector, but as a promoter of financial excellence throughout all levels of the discipline.’

Commenting on winning the award, Caron said: “When I was studying law one of my lecturers told me never to disclose what I was studying because I would quickly find myself in the corner chatting to the cheese plants and the accountant! So, it is ironic and has always tickled me that I qualified in the legal profession and have spent the time since working with and for accountants, often being mistaken for a member of the profession.

“I have always considered myself an honorary member of the finance world and I am dead chuffed to be awarded ‘Woman of the year (non-CCAB qualified)’ at the Women in Accountancy and Finance Awards. I didn’t set out to make charity finance my calling but it’s so pleasing and gratifying to be recognised in this way.”

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