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  • Bates Wells' Faith-based Organisations Update 2022

    Topics: Environmental, social, governance (ESG) / Funding / Governance, legal and compliance / Investment / Risk
    Posted: 27.07.2022

    Bates Wells' 2022 update for faith-based organisations contains insights from the team and guest contributors on current issues in social investment. Topics also span recent case law, recruitment and governance.

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  • Energy Outlook by Utility Aid (July 2022)

    Topics: Procurement and resources
    Posted: 25.07.2022

    CFG member Utility Aid shares its Energy Outlook for July 2022.

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  • Cash Held as Investment

    Topics: Investment / Governance, legal and compliance / Accounting and reporting
    Posted: 05.05.2022

    Factsheet on what can and should be shown as cash on the balance sheet and what can and should be shown as an investment.

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  • Financial disclosure reporting checklist: Charities SORP (FRS 102)

    Topics: Governance, legal and compliance / Accounting and reporting
    Posted: 04.03.2022

    Accounting and Reporting by Charities: Statement of Recommended Practice applicable to charities preparing their accounts in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland (FRS 102) (effective 1 January 2015). Updated February 2022.

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  • Nonprofit accounting software buyer's checklist

    Posted: 22.09.2021

    40 essential features of a modern accounting system

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  • Nonprofit storytelling

    Topics: IT, technology and digital / Accounting and reporting
    Posted: 22.09.2021

    Using Data and Performance metrics to motivate donors

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  • INGO FX Insights Report 2021

    Topics: Charity finance policy / Risk / Investment
    Posted: 13.07.2021

    This survey is a groundbreaking, sector specific, foreign exchange report which reflects insights from more than 100 internationally operating UK-based charities. The report highlights the issues INGOs face in their FX operations. 

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  • POLICY: Response to the BEIS consultation on restoring trust, July 2021

    Topics: Governance, legal and compliance / Environmental, social, governance (ESG)
    Posted: 13.07.2021

    Charity Finance Group's response to the government's white paper and consultation on 'Restoring Trust in Audit and Corporate Governance'.

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  • Welcome to IFR4NPO

    Topics: Governance, legal and compliance / Accounting and reporting
    Posted: 07.10.2020

    WATCH: Our welcome to the International Financial Reporting for Non Profit Organisations (IFR4NPO). This video introduces this new initiative which aims to develop internationally applicable financial reporting guidance for non-profit organisations.

  • Writing your charity's investment policy

    Topics: Investment
    Posted: 23.09.2019


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  • Economic Outlook Briefing 2019/20

    Topics: Environmental, social, governance (ESG) / Charity finance policy
    Posted: 12.06.2019

    The year ahead 

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  • Risk governance for charities

    Topics: Risk
    Posted: 23.08.2018

    Risk management structures and accountabilities

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