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UK Aid cuts will have devastating impact on smaller charities

The Small International Development Charities Network (SIDCN) urgently needs your help to gather data on the impact of UK Aid cuts.

If the Covid-19 pandemic has proved anything it’s that our communities are connected in ways we rarely consider. The health of one person, one family, one neighbourhood, one country, impacts us all.

International development charities are working at the sharp end of this crisis, right across the globe. From delivering vital hygiene equipment and medical aid, to providing desperately needed food and education, these charities show us that when one community is lifted, we all are.

The details of the cuts to the International Aid budget are only just starting to emerge, but they are devastating. They include the recently announced 85% cut to aid funding pledged to the UN global family planning programme, the more than 80% cut to funding for water sanitation and hygiene bilateral projects, and the rumoured 40% cut to girls education programmes.

The only two (very small) grant programmes available to small international development charities have been cut (Small Charities Challenge Fund & Community Partnership grants). The international development sector is in disbelief, but small charities in particular are reeling. There is now nothing on the table for these #SmallButMighty charities working to combat global issues.

If you are one of these charities, the Small International Development Charities Network (SIDCN) needs your help. The network is gathering urgent data on the impact of the cuts. Please complete the SIDCN survey as soon as you can to help build an accurate picture. The deadline is Wednesday 5 May, 10am BST.

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